“The album cover alone signals there has been a change - a new world view perhaps but most certainly growth musically for the Rousters. It is still bluegrass but in some cases... a rock presentation. Impressive. appreciate that they dedicated it to a fan and old friend who is no longer with us.” - Rick Nance, WKMS

“The Adventure Never Ends” is a piece of aural Americana art. With plenty of world travel under their belt, the Wheelhouse Rousters have recorded a storybook of Eastern visions while missing their Western Kentucky home. Their pickin’, tones, and harmonies are reminiscent of Jim & Jesse, Merle Travis, Andy Statman, and Floyd Kramer. It’s challenging to lyrically pursue a collection of songs that gently brings both humor and a contemplative experience to the listener and the Rousters have done just that. The boys have yet again delivered a record to make this Kentuckian very proud to call them neighbors. Sit down, listen up, and get ready to (Kimchi) Boogie!” – Vickie Vaughn, Della Mae

“Their newest album exudes the quality of music that they are able to play and produce. I’m probably most familiar with the song Kimchee Boogie as they rehearsed and played it here at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Great story telling from an experience they had playing in Southeast Asia. Even if you are not a fan of bluegrass, if you have any musical background you will appreciate their talent.” - Brad Tate, KOTO, Telluride, CO

“On The Adventures Never End, the Wheelhouse Rousters paint a musical landscape that includes Kentucky sunsets and world travels. This album strays from their musical interpretations of historical songs and plants them firmly in the category of accomplished original songwriter/composers. The depth of their musical prowess is palpable & immensely engaging.” - Mike Gowen, WKMS, Murray, KY

“The Wheelhouse Rousters could be the most important folk band of the 21st Century. Why’s that? Because they are the only group I know who plumb the last untapped source of American folk music: the work shanties of our national waterways. With our focus having been strained forever upon bluegrass & blues music, we may now sit back, close our eyes & let the Rousters mark the twain of the last thing left. The rhythm of the old river workers, channeled amidst Kentucky’s haunted coastline.” – JD Wilkes, The Legendary Shack Shakers